Dear trail runners,
In times like these we are living now, we were hoping that the situation with the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) will turn for the better. However, even though we are still full of hope that each new day will present less danger to the health of the people, we must be rational.

The start of Vodno-Matka Trail Marathon is approaching, and the organisation of the race is already in the final stage, the t-shirts are being printed, medals being made, food ordered, volunteers coordinated.

However, we are aware that this situation is completely out of our control and we must follow the directive from our Government and the Health authorities.

Therefore, for the benefit of the health of all participants, volunteers, supporters and the public in general, we inform you that Vodno-Matka Trail Marathon is postponed!!

The new race date is 19.07.2020!!

We kindly ask you to understand and respect our decision given the current conditions.
So, the new registration deadline is moved to 14.07.2020, and those who already payed and are not able to come during the summer and run can be refunded with 50% of the starting fee. Please write us at vodnomatka@gmail.com and we will return 50% of the sum you payed.

For the others that will participiate, taking into considerations that Skopje is very hot during July, we have decided to make Vodno-Matka 2020 a night race! Yes, you read correctly, we will run during the night – in a pitch dark moonless sky:
Vodno-Matka Trail Marathon 42k – start – 19.07.2020 at 00:01 am (Sunday)
Vodno-Matka Trail 28k – start – 19.07.2020 at 04:00 am (Sunday)

Everything else remains the same! If you have any questions please write us in comments bellow, or private message or via email. Happy trails,
Vodno-Matka organizing team, TREX.

Unforgetable adventures under open sky

Some people call them trail running races. Others simply - ultras. We are calling them unforgettable adventures under open sky. Let yourself be conquered by trail running!

Are you a newcomer to outdoor activities? Do you want to participate but you don't know what's ahead of you? How to get ready - how to train right? Click on the button below to find out more about this exciting sport.
DISCLAIMER: Always consult your medical doctor before getting into strenuous physical activities. Regular annual check-ups in a relevant sports medicine institution are recommended for establishing your personal sport capacity (EKG, exercise stress test etc.).


The marathon is the queen of all athletic disciplines, but what will happen if you add up 3,100 meters elevation gain to those 42 km? Self-transcendence!

Race start is on 19.07.2020 at 00:01 am in Vodno neighborhood!


The half-marathon is 21 km in length. We add up to that plus 7 km, so 28km with 1,800m elevation gain is not a joke. But the saying goes: no pain, no gain!

Race start is on 19.07.2020 at 04:00 am in Vodno neighborhood!

Let the adventure begin!

Vodno TrailVodno-Matka Marathon

Travel throughout history

An adventure that begins in the shadows of mount Vodno and over Krstovar peak leads you to the mystique of canyon Matka.

Achieve an international success

Verified sports competition that is organized by leading trail running criteria.

Involve yourself as a volunteer

Unlimited fun - leave your mark on the event! Let's get together and make our society a better place for everyone - volunteer!

Past editions

Let us remind ourselves of the past editions, results, sweet hardships and personal success! Vodno-Matka Trail Marathon first edition was held in 2018 in unbelievable weather conditions - snow, fog, mud. On the other hand, the second edition in 2019 was completely in a perfect order!


You were brave enough to accept the challenge last year or 2 years ago. Was it hard, tough, muddy, cold, hot? Were there boring insects, everlasting thirst or unexpected blisters? 
All of that became unimportant the moment you have crossed the finish line!
Read more race testimonials and reviews at our Facebook page.


"Lovely race, aid stations well equiped, weather was great, organisation impeccable ... Storm troopers were the best :)

Thanks to all the volunteers and Trex members"


"Best experience.. thank you guys! I am running on all you're events and what you done is quite professional... i love you <3"


"The race course is so diverse and interesting, amazing views from the top, really fun to run it! 🏃🏻‍♀️⛰The organizers are very very cool and helpful, flexible and positive, the volunteers also - great job! 👑Great refreshment stations, lots of volunteers during the course, feel safe atmosphere! Really a good weekend in Skopje, recommend and will visit next year! Bravo for the organizer team! 👌🙌🙌🙌 Thank you! 🍻"


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