Male Winners 40K
1. Erzen ZYBERAJ (KOS) 04:13:54
2. Dejan TODEVSKI (MKD) 04:28:51
3. Thibault DUVAL (SWE) 04:29:17
Female Winners 40K
1. Sanja NAJDOVSKI (MKD) 05:42:19
2. Ivana JOVANOVSKA (MKD) 06:02:00
2 Katerina SHIPOVIKJ (MKD) 06:02:00
Winners 40K in Category V1-M
1. Riste ŠKREKOVSKI (SLO) 06:00:14
2. Tomasz MACIEJEWSKI (POL) 06:25:31
3. Borche MILOSKOVSKI (MKD) 07:16:14
Winners 40K in Category V1-F
1 Tanja BABUNSKA (MKD) 06:50:25
2. Valentina UZUNOVA (MKD) 07:31:19
3. Anke HOLSTEIN (GER) 08:36:11
Winners 40K in Category V2-M
1. Savo SPASENOVSKI (MKD) 10:47:35
Male Winners 27K
1. Aleksandar KIRKOVSKI (MKD) 02:27:49
2. Uran AHMETI (KOS) 02:39:17
3. Zlatko NIKOLOV (MKD) 02:40:41
Female Winners 27K
1. Elena RTOSKA (MKD) 02:59:02
2. Sandra ARSOVSKA (MKD) 03:28:20
3. Magdalena WYSOCKA (POL) 03:28:26
Winners 27K in Category V1-M
1. Naim FONIQI (KOS) 03:00:57
2. Vlado SIMEONOV (MKD) 03:10:06
3. Aleksandar HRISTOV (MKD) 03:25:50
Winners 27K in Category V2-M
1. Bale Brzi ACKOVSKI (MKD) 03:44:18
2. Bobi JOVANOVSKI (MKD) 04:50:33
Winners 27K in Category V1-F
1. Jeta HARIZAJ (ALB) 04:19:24
2. Ani TALEVSKA (MKD) 04:41:35
3. Kuqe BRAHA (KOS) 04:49:05
Male Winners 10K
1. Dimitrij SPASOV (MKD) 01:03:46
2. Slobodan PANAJOTOV (MKD) 01:04:22
3. Hristijan STOJKOVIKJ (MKD) 01:07:06
Female Winners 10K
1. Anastasija RISTOVA (MKD) 01:06:52
2. Charlotte CADART (FRA) 01:14:33
3. Marija OSTOJCIC (MKD) 01:14:58
Winners 10K in Category V1-F
1. Lidija ARSOVSKA (MKD) 01:36:20
2. Tatjana STOJANOVSKA (MKD) 02:29:26
3. Sonja KNAUM (MKD) 02:33:32
Winners 10K in Category V1-M
1. Pedro FARIA (POR) 01:17:56
2. Andrea SILVESTRI (ITA) 01:21:08
3. Eben FRIEDMAN (USA) 01:26:55
Winners 10K in Category JU1-M
1. Pavel DIMITROVSKI (MKD) 01:08:52
Winners 10K in Category JU2-M
1. Dimitrij SPASOV (MKD) 01:03:46
2. Mihail TASHKOVSKI (MKD) 02:00:40
3. Andrej RUSOVSKI (MKD) 02:00:58


This race is up and down all the way to Matka Canyon for experienced ultra-trail runners, with good physical and mental conditioning to complete a demanding course.

VODNO TRAIL 27К / +1430m

Athletes with a decent fitness level and good form, will enjoy great panoramas on this medium-level trail.

VODNO EasyRun 10К / +600m

Ideal for athletes looking to take their first steps into trail running as well as family and friends travelling with runners racing the longer distances.

Past editions

Let us remind ourselves of the past editions, results, sweet hardships and personal success! Vodno-Matka Trail Marathon first edition was held in 2018 in unbelievable weather conditions - snow, fog, mud. On the other hand, the second edition in 2019 was completely in a perfect order. The third edition in 2020 was postponed and we had amazing night race. The 2021 edition in covid19 conditions had all of it - mud, snow, water and sun - the most demanding so far. 

Stag beetle

Find out more about the inspiration for this year's design and the importance of stag beetles in the forest ecosystems.

Travel throughout history

An adventure that begins in the shadows of mount Vodno and over Krstovar peak leads you to the mystique of canyon Matka.

Achieve an international success

Verified sports competition that is organized by leading trail running criteria.

Involve yourself as a volunteer

Unlimited fun - leave your mark on the event! Let's get together and make our society a better place for everyone - volunteer!

Official video 2021


You were brave enough to accept the challenge last year or 2 years ago. Was it hard, tough, muddy, cold, hot? Were there boring insects, everlasting thirst or unexpected blisters? 
All of that became unimportant the moment you have crossed the finish line!
Read more race testimonials and reviews at our Facebook page.


"Lovely race, aid stations well equiped, weather was great, organisation impeccable ... Storm troopers were the best :)

Thanks to all the volunteers and Trex members"


"Best experience.. thank you guys! I am running on all you're events and what you done is quite professional... i love you <3"


"The race course is so diverse and interesting, amazing views from the top, really fun to run it! 🏃🏻‍♀️⛰The organizers are very very cool and helpful, flexible and positive, the volunteers also - great job! 👑Great refreshment stations, lots of volunteers during the course, feel safe atmosphere! Really a good weekend in Skopje, recommend and will visit next year! Bravo for the organizer team! 👌🙌🙌🙌 Thank you! 🍻"

Race sponsors and partners

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