Race briefing

Most important information before race start

Hi guys, thank you for signing up to Vodno-Matka Trails and grabbing this unique opportunity to have an unforgettable outdoor experience!

We welcome you to the 7th edition of Vodno-Matka Trails organized by the TREX Skopje association supported by our main partners Polish Aid, Red Bull, Natusana / Alga San, Scout Outdoor Shop, Vitalia, Alpsko Mleko, Gorska voda and Prilepska Pivarnica.

As before, the center of the race - the start and finish will be in Sredno Vodno, in the complex of Red Cross - "Dare Bombol" LOCATION ON GOOGLE MAP


Pick-up of the starting number and package will be done at the SCOUT OUTDOOR SHOP (location on Google map):
Friday 05.04. - 16:00 > 21:00
Saturday 06.04. - 10:00 > 18:00
Sunday 07.04. - at SREDNO VODNO before the start of the race*

Those who are not able to personally pick up the start pack within the stipulated time - another person is allowed to pick it up, but you must notify us at vodnomatka@gmail.com beforehand.

On the day of the race - before the very start of Sredno Vodno - the starting package will be able to be picked up only by competitors who do NOT live in Skopje. Write to vodnomatka@gmail.com!

STARTS 04/07/2024







If you come by car to Sredno Vodno, both the upper and lower parking are charged, exclusively via SMS with a mobile phone (or a purchased parking card available at city center) and it will cost you a maximum of 375 denars (6 EUR) for the whole day (from 9 am to 4 pm is the period for parking fee). You can park for free on the surrounding streets ie. along the road to Gorno Nerezi (St. Panteleimon), but the risk is yours, there is still a slight possibility being fined.

On the other hand, public transport bus number 25 a/b/c leaves from the city center (Central bus station) to Sredno Vodno and is free. The first departure from the transport center is at 8 o'clock in the morning. The last one from Sredno Vodno to Centar at 18:00 <<bus schedule here>>

Also, a taxi from the city center to Sredno Vodno costs almost as much as parking all day.

The cable car to the Cross operates from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. From 5 to 5:30 p.m. is the last ride from the bottom to the top, that is, at 5:45 p.m. is the last ride from the top down.


The races are marked with non-permanent markings with a spray of PINK COLOR - pink triangles (5x5 cm) and pink arrows on trees and on stones on the ground, every 50-100 meters, and in key places there will also be signposts with arrows. Also, the paths can be additionally marked with PVC tape.

Carefully study the tracks and download the latest GPS files on your sports watch and in the corresponding app on your mobile phone. Also, during the race, have the route open in mobile applications such as Outdooractive, Komoot or Strava. There are arrows and reinforced markings at each junction, but if you are unsure check the route on your watch or phone before proceeding.


Outdooractive interactive map:

45K https://out.ac/IPK7kc

30K https://out.ac/IPK7ot

10K https://out.ac/IPVfSg


Komoot interactive map:

45K https://www.komoot.com/tour/1492454467?share_token=aSqj2P1YJ7rbRv3eJFBz7cYcvR42ZjclK0fuECsKfagVFGM6no&ref=

30K https://www.komoot.com/tour/1492458142?share_token=a9VIq3gvcxHWWgh4uPKkFazf1q0gjJmMmF58whuins2nUxrJSt&ref=

10K https://www.komoot.com/tour/1492460301?share_token=a3Ti65kzGNeFC2DjkILsi9bwoweuQ7SVTQrmVQ1lpmNAkl7Hjx&ref=

The three races are almost 90% on single trails, a real treat for trail lovers, and the start from Sredno Vodno, and along the trim track lead to Vrv Vodno (Krstovar 1,066m). Then after descending from the top, near a makeshift bivouac (on the beautiful forest path called Gunda) the routes are split into two directions:

GUNDA (by a makeshift bivouac) at 7.7 km:
30KM / 45 KM: turn left and run along a flat section in the direction of the Bunkers towards the next junction Gunda - Rtishan.
10 KM: turn right and go down in the direction of Children's Resort, then right and uphill on the asphalpt road and then turn left at the large open wooden hut and run down the trail to the asphalt road and to the finish of Sredno Vodno.

GUNDA (RTISHAN) at 8.3 km:
30 KM / 45 KM: From there through Gunda trail in the middle of a pine forest, halfway to Bunkers, there is a crossroads and there the route turns sharply to the right (to the North, in the direction of Skopje) descending towards Gorno Nerezi village where there will be a refreshment station, then through the village of Gorno Nerezi and the so-called path Blagoec runs up to the ridge-line and then to peak Kota KALE.

KOTA KALE at 16.3 km (it is the ultimate peak of Vodno overlooking Canyon Matka):
30 KM: to the left (to the South) and down towards St. PETKA!
45KM: straight (to the West) and down towards MATKA CANYON!

The participants of 45 KM dsitance, on Matka, make the so-called "butterfly" across the Kayakar bridge, Matka Dam, St.Andrea church, steeply up towards St.Nedela church, then down to St.Spas church and again across the bridge up through the Šishevski monastery to the village of St.Petka! Be careful 200-300 meters after St. Spas, after the bend in the main gravel road there is a turn to the right along a goat track. Time limit for the second pass at the refreshment station Matka ie. the kayak bridge is open until 2:00 p.m. at the latest.

From the village of St.Petka, the runners of 30KM and 45KM continue to the saddle and through Bunkers and the Gunda trail they reach the intersection where they previously turned towards Nerezi. And at the same place they turn to their right up towards the ridge and then turn left from the main road in a goat path down towards Gorno Sonje village.

The path to G. Sonje descends for a third of its distance, then flattens after it turns to the left (at 39km for 45K and 26km for 30K), and then at the Antena tower climbs up to Vrv Vodno through a pine forest. Then, through the now traditional path (with black-red-yellow markings) it descends to the Children's Resort then right turn and uphill a hundred meters along the asphalt, then it turns left at the large open wooden hut and descends down the single trail all the way to the asphalt and to the finish of Sredno Vodno.


The meteorological conditions during the race on Sunday 04.07. predict a warm sunny weather and a temperature range of 16°C - 23°C at 1,000 mv. Take care of hydration - study the distance of the refreshment stations that will be reinforced with additional amounts of water - bring containers (bidons, flasks, bottles, bladder) that hold 1.5 water!



A start number (provided by the organizer) and a drinking cup for the refreshment stations as there will be no disposable plastic/paper cups.

We strongly recommend carrying a running backpack/belt and a water bottle, cooler or water bottle with a volume of at least 1.5 liters of liquid as well as a mobile phone with a full battery.

We kindly ask you to do not let the trash in your pockets and backpacks fall on the paths! Just drop it at refreshment stations or carry it to the finish line.


A mobile team from the Mountain Rescue Service at Red Cross Skopje will take care of your safety on the ground, as well as static teams with doctors at certain aid station and the finish. But in the spirit of fair play you owe it to anyone in need to help them immediately and stay with them until rescuers arrive.

Time measurement at the start/finish will be electronic with chips (sticked to the start number) and at the control points through a mobile application, so don't forget to tell the volunteers your number out loud, that is, show them clearly if it is hidden.

Memorize the number of the organizer +389 71 246 423 in your phones in case of accident, loss or cancellation, call immediately so that we do not search for you in vain and allegedly. There is decent network coverage at every corner of the races.


The results are available at the following link https://vmtm.ultratrail.mk find everything in the list, check if your data is correct.

Winners will be announced at 14:00-15:00-16:00 and the event closes at 18:00. And don't forget, compete within your psycho-physical capabilities and have fun.

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Соработници / Collaborators


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