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How to get here?

Welcome to Skopje!

Skopje (Macedonian: Скопје, [ˈskɔpjɛ]) is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Macedonia. It is the country’s political, cultural, economic, and academic center. It was known in the Roman period under the name Scupi.

The territory of Skopje has been inhabited since at least 4000 BC; The city developed rapidly after World War II, but this trend was interrupted in 1963 when it was hit by a disastrous earthquake. In 1991, it became the capital city of an independent Macedonia. Today, Skopje is approximately 245 m above sea level and covers 571.46 km2. The city has a population of 502,700 inhabitants.

Skopje is located in the north of the Republic of Macedonia, in the center of the Balkan peninsula, and halfway between Belgrade and Athens. The city is built in the Skopje valley, oriented on a west-east axis, along the course of the Vardar river, which flows into the Aegean Sea in Greece. The valley is approximately 20 kilometres (12 miles) wide and it is limited by several mountain ranges to the North and South.


In most cases, the only form of ID required is a valid passport. Macedonian customs regulations are almost entirely in harmony with EU standards.

Official accomodation


The Macedonian Village Resort comprises a total of 49 rooms, located in 12 different houses, built according to authentic Macedonian architectural tradition of 19th and 20th century. The design of the houses is inspired by different geographical areas of Macedonia, including: Bitola House, Prilep House, Veles House, Struga House, Galichnik House, Reka Region House, Skopska Crna Gora House, Kratovo House, Berovo House, Delchevo House, Kumanovo House and Tetovo House. The Resort is built exclusively out of wood and natural stone, and the rooms are decorated with ethno selected stylish details and natural materials.

Public transport in Skopje

Skopje has a bus network managed by the city and operated by three companies. The oldest and largest is JSP Skopje, a public company which operates 67 lines of 80. Only 24 lines are urban, the others serving localities around the city. Many of the JSP buses are red double-decker buses designed to look like the British-made buses that were in use in the 1950s and 1960s.



Traveling by plane:

The nearest airports are:

SKOPJE Macedonia          20 km    http://skp.airports.com.mk/
PRISTINA Kosovo             87 km    http://www.airportpristina.com/
OHRID Macedonia           170 km  http://ohd.airports.com.mk/
THESSALONIKI Greece    233 km  http://www.thessalonikiairport.com/
SOFIA Bulgaria                  245 km  https://www.sofia-airport.bg/

Traveling by train:

There are three railway connections to Skopje – Prishtina, Belgrade and Thessaloniki: http://mktransport.mk/en/

Traveling by bus:

There are many bus lines to Skopje, both domestic and international.
Bus station Skopje: http://www.sas.com.mk/en/

Traveling by car:

  • If you are coming from the north (direction Belgrade – Skopje), you have to pass the border at PRESHEVO – TABANOVCE to enter the Kumanovo region and then take direction to Skopje.
  • If you are coming from the north (direction Prishtina – Skopje), you have to pass the border at ELEZ HAN – BLACE to enter the Skopje region and then to Skopje center.
  • If you are coming from the east (direction Sofia – Skopje) you have to pass the border at GYUESHEVO – DEVE BAIR take the road towards Kriva Palanka. Pass the city of Kumanovo and take direction to Skopje.
  • If you are coming from the west (direction Tirana – Skopje) you have to pass the border at KJAFASAN to enter Ohrid lake region and then take direction to Skopje via the town of Kichevo or town of Debar (takes longer but more picturesque road).
  • If you are coming from the south (direction Thessaloniki) you have to pass the border at EVZONI – BOGORODICA to pass by Gevgelija town and then take direction to Skopje.

RENT A CAR is a good option if you are planning to stay longer and explore Macedonia by yourself.

Distances to Skopje:

PRISTINA (KOS)                  87 km
THESSALONIKI (GR)       233 km
SOFIA (BUL)                       245 km
TIRANА (ALB)                    291 km
BELGRADE (SRB)             433 km
ATHENS (GR)                     735 km
ZAGREB (CRO)                  824 km