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VMTM 40K Official results 2018
VMTM 23K Official results 2018



The members of TREX – encouraged and motivated by the successful Krali Marko Trails race – have been planning to organize yet another trail running event in Macedonia. The location was spontaneously chosen to be the Vodno mountain and the canyon Matka – most of our members live in Skopje and that makes Vodno our backyard training ground, and the fact that the Vodno-Matka area is filled with beautiful vistas, natural rarities and significant cultural heritage.

The first edition of the Vodno Matka Trail Marathon will take place on 25 March 2018. The organizing team plans two races with different lengths and elevation gain, so the participants can find appropriate challenge to their fitness level – Marathon race 40km/2,860m and Half-marathon race 23km/1,400m.

During the races, the runners will have the opportunity to pass through the most beautiful parts of the Vodno mountain, enjoying an awesome scenery and panoramas of the Skopje valley and the mountains Skopska Crna Gora, Zheden, Karadzica, Jakupica, Kitka, and in the far sight Shar Planina’s colorful dark and light slopes and ridg-line.

On the other side, the canyon Matka and the river Treska offer unmatched natural architecture.  Many medieval byzantine style churches and monasteries are interwoven in this area, and the marathoner runners will pass by them. They will feel the spiritual treasure of this area and will find out what makes Matka one of the most visited tourist destinations in Macedonia.

We invite you to join us in the new spring adventure!

Official accomodation


VMTM is organized by TREX and PSD MAKPETROL.
You can contact us here. We’ll be glad to help you!


The 40K race has time limit of 10 hours, some of you might need a headlamp since they’ll finish at dusk.
The 23K race has time limit of 7 hours – there’s no time for relaxing.


These races are not meant for absolute beginners. Uphills and downhills are steep and technical. There might be snow, heavy rain, hail or heat during the race.
We advise not to try to participate in VMTM unless you are fully prepared.


Average max. temperature at Vodno around 25 March is 15°C, аnd average min. temperature is 5°C.
The clock shifts 1 hour forth at 25 March!
Sunrise is at 6:29 am and sunset at 18:51 pm. Civil daylight is 30 min. before and after the sun.