Race technical briefing

Please read these useful instructions for Vodno-Matka thoroughly, they have been updated according to the race health protocols for covid-19 prevention.
The risk of covid-19 is significantly greater by the participation in Vodno-Matka Trails. 

Hence, always protect yourself by wearing a face mask and keeping a social distance of 2 meters at least! By respecting your own wellbeing, you are protecting the health of your family and friends!

Any participant that won’t be using a face mask and won’t respect social distancing in the required areas - will be DISQUALIFIED from the race! WE REALLY DON’T WANT NEW COVID CLUSTER NAMED AS VODNO-MATKA!!!

  1. START BIB NUMBER pick-up will be held in Scout Outdoor Shop (Kiril i Metodij street No.20, Skopje) on Friday, 17.07.2020 (16:00-20:00 h) and Saturday, 18.07.2020 (10:00-17:30) under strict covid-19 prevention health protocols. Each participant is entitled to a 30% discount of all outdoor products www.scout.mk.
    • Each participant must wear a face mask, disinfect hands and keep a social distance of 2m in the shop! 
    • Start bib number pick-up is not allowed at the start of the races. Only in exceptional cases, third person may be allowed to pick-up the bib number in SCOUT instead of a runner, with only a prior email notification by the runner at vodnomatka@gmail.com, and the third person must show the race confirmation email received by the runner after successful registration and payment and also bring a signed copy (by the runner) of the Declaration of personal liability (available at vodnomatka.mk).

  2. STARTing point of both races is at locality Policija (Salvador Aljende street and Todor Aleksandrov street, Vodno district, Skopje). Face masks are mandatory, do not hug each other or group, maintain a social distance of at least 2 meters, disinfect your hands and your drop bag. 
    • Race start: Vodno-Matka Trail Marathon 42km is at 00 am (midnight) on Sunday. Vodno Trail 26km starts at 05 am Sunday morning. VODNO TRAIL ROUTE HAS BEEN CHANGED!!! It was 28k but now is 26k - the same route as last year! Check vodnomatka.mk for route details and gps file!
    • Please arrive at the start zone exactly 10 minutes before your starting time as published on the event website. You should be ready dressed up for the race, with bib number on your front side, with a face mask covering your mouth and nose, full water bidons, empty bladder etc. 
    • Mandatory equipment for both races: mobile phone with full battery, emergency blanket or windstopper, personal cup for liquids plus - for runners of 42km race - a headtorch. We recommend at least a 0,5 liters bottle/bidon/flask to have with you during the race and sun protection. 
    • The Start will be divided into 2 zones - in the first zone thermal screening will be performed on each of you and if the body temperature is higher than 37.0 C degrees the participant will be asked to leave the premises and forbidden to start the race. 
    • Then a hand disinfectant is applied and you may leave a drop bag in the van (only in the bags provided in the starting package) - two of them - so we can disinfect the outer one. Also please be aware that the drop bag is so small that it may contain only a pullover and a t-shirt! Hiking packs and other rucksacks will not be taken into the van!.
    • Then you enter zone 2 in a que with other runners 2 meters apart. As soon as officials allow you to start the race, you may take out the face mask but must keep it within yourself for future usage in aid stations and the finish. Starting time interval is 2 runners at a shoulder distance of 2 meters every 20 seconds. If you are late for your starting time, you will be delegated to start as the last runner.
    • There will not be a mass start this year, but - delayed individual start -as in chronometer or orienteering events. Runners will start 2 by 2 (at a distance of several meters of each other) and at the specific start time for each runner provided by the organizer and announced at the event website.
    • Official timestamp will be considered 00 am for 42km race and 05 am for 26km race. Rankings will be calculated as official time minus delayed start time. Due to changes in start type (i.e. no gun time but chronometer) - eventual race records will not be considered as official.

  3. DURING THE RACE overtaking of slower runners is allowed but be aware not to run shoulder-to-shoulder or to “breath down other’s neck” and to keep distance in any direction of at least 2 meters between each other. Don’t run in groups larger than 2 people.
    • If you need to spit, snort or snort rocket, you should do it away from the trail and minimum 10 meters distance from other runners!!
    • If a runner has any kind of a problem - stop your race and help him/her! Call the SOS numbers that are printed on your BIB number if there is a need of rescue or medical assistance.

  4. AID STATIONS: At 30 meters before each aid station put on a face mask and disinfect your hands. 
    • Water and drinks will be available in PET plastic bottles of 0.33l and 0.5l, and the food (cereal bars, chocolate bars, halva bars) will be in sealed individual units/pieces as well as uncut bananas. You must not help yourself to the water and food but the volunteers will provide you with whatever you wish for at the aid station table. 
    • Please be patient and mindful to other runners, don’t stay longer than necessary at the station and around the volunteers. If you need to take a longer rest please do it away from the area and the volunteers (at least 50 meters). 
    • You must throw away all waste in the correct garbage sack placed 30 meters away from the aid station. There will be 4 different sacks for waste selection into plastic bottles, food wraps and paper, medical materials and organic waste. Littering the trails brings a disqualification. Not wearing a face mask at aid stations brings a disqualification.
    • If a runner in the 42km race overpasses the time limit at Matka, organized transport back to Skopje is not provided due to covid protocols but, instead, a taxi will be called (the cost falls on the runner).

  5. FINISH: Immediately put on a face mask and disinfect your hands. 
    • Volunteers will provide you with a medal, drinks, food and a vegan sandwich. Then without delaying please leave the finish zone and the mountain hut terrace. 
    • In case you need medical assistance there will be a team of paramedics from Red Cross Skopje.
    • Volunteers will direct you towards the van with your drop bag, you pick it up and leave for home! There are no dressing rooms nor public toilets at the finish! 
    • Awards ceremonies will be held as winners will be announced one by one as they finish. 

  6. GOING HOME: The cable car / ropeway at the peak is closed! Each participant must make their way down to Skopje on foot either to Sredno Vodno or Gorno Nerezi (where a car/taxi can pick you up) or all the way down to the city center. Consult the volunteers at the finish which is the best trail or road to take down - usually it takes 30 min walking to Sredno Vodno/Gorno Nerezi and 45min.to the area of the race start.


Sporty greetings,
Dejan Krle & Igor Jovanovski (race directors)
TREX organizing team
Contact: +389 71 246 423 (Dejan) - +389 70 997 348 (Igor)
vodnomatka@gmail.com - www.vodnomatka.mk

16 - 20 h
Start number pick-up
10 - 17:30 h
Start number pick-up
00 - 00:20
Start 42km
05 - 05:40
Start 26km
First male 42km
First female 42km
First male 26km
First female 26km
Last runner 42km
Last runner 26km

Race sponsors and partners

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