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was sent to the hands of the major sects and rivers and lakes masters. His Tai Chi is also known to Microsoft Certification it exam everyone. People in the rivers and Microsoft Certification lakes know that Tang Bohu will not only have a Tang Jiaba gun, but also a master of a very high boxing method. This boxing method is the absolute school of Tang Bohu s bottom. Zhou Xin.gzu heard the news from the subordinates and smiled Microsoft Certification and said nothing. If anyone really thinks so, it will be ruined by the rivers and lakes. Gongzi, please use tea. Zhou Xingzu stood in the Tang government, admiring the Huashan Taishi sword , Qiuxiang wearing a green dress, his face radiant, took a cup of tea and sent it to him. This Huashan Taishi sword, ranking third in weaponry, is already the third weapon in the Tang Dynasty. According to the information that Peach Blossoms inquired, this sword was originally a broken sword, inserted in a strange stone on the back cliff of Huashan Mountain. According to legend, it was a strange person. Later, after Mrs. Hua became a relative, the Huatai Division invested 20,000 yuan in gold and hired a court master to rebuild the broken sword and named it Huashan Taishijian. The reputation of this sword is not

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